Steps to take


If you are considering installing a septic tank or sewage treatment system at your property, there are certain steps it is advisable to take:

1) Do your research. Look into all the different types of sewage treatment system available to ensure that you are fully aware of the benefits and limitations of each type. Just because your friend has a particular type system does not mean the same system will serve to meet your needs or the needs of your property.

2) Ring the local council to see if a Planning Permission is required – it is always best to check before making a decision.

3) Schedule a visit from the Building Regulations office to inspect the site and discuss plans. You will need to discuss such issues as the availability of a ditch to drain the effluent into, or the need for a groundwater source protection zone investigation to ascertain whether your property is in a restricted groundwater area.

4) Have an assessment hole and percolation tests undertaken to ascertain whether the ground is suitable for a soakaway.

5) Arrange a site visit to allow the ‘installer’ to assess the specific location of the plant and drains.

6) Once the installation has been agreed and a date scheduled, contact the local Building Regulations officer so they can inspect the installation and pass it.