Sewage Treatment Systems

Whether you are having a complete system or an addition to a settlement tank, our HD-SM systems are bespoke. We take into account the BOD, loadings (number of people regularly using the system) and flow using figures published by British Water and adopted by the Environment Agency (EA).

A sewage treatment systems does not have to be obtrusive or unattractive. The HD-SM Biological Filter is installed flush with the ground and can be hidden or disguised in a variety of ways. With mechanical and electrical parts housed outside of the tank in  ‘beehives’ or kiosks, not only are HD-SM systems easy to service, the likelihood of wear on parts is minimised as they are not stored in the corrosive environment within the tank.

Primary, treatment and clarifier sections of the process are all housed within the tank, underground, meaning that only the access covers appear at ground level.

Within the tank, treatment is achieved by separating the solids from the liquids within the primary settlement zone.

The remaining effluent liquor then has air introduced to it in the bio-zone. This causes bacteria to grow on the filter media. This bacterium then consumes soluble organic contaminants. The filter media also helps to remove suspended solids before the treated effluent moves to the clarifier zone.

Within the clarifier the ‘dead’ biomass is separated before the treated effluent is discharged.

HD-SM submerged media filtration process is an efficient system which can be easily expanded by internal modifications or the addition of extra chambers, should loadings increase, to ensure continued compliance with the EA discharge consent standard. The HD-SM Biological Filter has been developed to achieve the criteria set by the EA, which varies depending on the sensitivity of the receiving ground or water course.

As we design, supply, install, commission and offer a service contract with all our sewage treatment systems, we are able to guarantee that the discharge will meet the standard set by the EA, provided the system is used and maintained in accordance with our basic operating procedures, which are provided to clients upon commissioning.

A Sewage Treatment System can normally be manufactured at approximately 2 weeks notice, with installation commencing shortly after. Potential sites are subject to a hydro-geological survey and are visited without obligation or charge to provide an economic design.

Projects undertaken throughout the South East range from single households to large estates, business parks, farms, schools, caravan sites, hotels and public houses. For more information, please see our portfolio.