Heat Waves & Water Shortages – how to avoid the drought.


With temperatures set to remain at least in the mid 20’s for the next month, there is talk of hosepipe bans and plenty of advice coming from the water companies about how to reduce your water consumption.

Uncertainly is evident as some water companies are saying that currently ground water levels are ‘robust’ due to to high amounts of rain experienced at the start of the year and through Spring, while others are showing signs of concern and have issued advice regarding the use of hosepipes for watering the garden, suggesting that rainwater be used instead.

(Incidentally, we don’t usually recommend rainwater harvesting – when it rains, you don’t need it and when there is a prolonged dry spell, there is no rain to replenish what you have used.)

The Environment Agency stated in June that 320 water ways were below normal levels and dropping, while 1000 were at or above normal levels, but dropping. The drying up of streams and rivers is usually a good indication of potential water shortages.

Water companies have advised people to use wisely, especially with no immediate sign of substantial rainfall over the next month. Affinity Water particularly have warned of water shortages in their area.

A solution for those living on the large chalk aquifer underlying the South East would be an independent water supply borehole. Imagine being able to sustain your beautiful garden throughout the summer even through a hosepipe ban – a luscious thought.

As experts in the construction of water supply boreholes in the South East, we may be able to help you save your garden. Give us a call for an informal chat.