Sewage Treatment Systems


Sewage Treatment Systems are not easy to understand. We often get asked questions regarding how systems operate and what is supposed to be happening. Below you will find some of the most common questions we are asked.

How much will my sewage treatment system cost?

Costs for sewage treatment systems vary and are dependant on individual system requirements, such as the projected loadings, site condition and hydro-geology.  We can provide a free budget estimate with no obligation, or simply discuss your individual requirements with you.

Once an estimate has been considered a site visit can be arranged to inspect access, working area and any other work that may be required. A fixed quotation will then follow.

What is a ‘Consent to Discharge’?

It is in effect a licence which allows you to discharge treated sewage, subject to consent limits, to either ground or surface water.

If you intend to discharge anything other than clean, uncontaminated surface water to surface waters or groundwater you must obtain a consent to discharge from The Environment Agency. Failure to do so may result in enforcement action.

With all our systems we offer a service contract that includes testing the discharge to confirm compliance with the consent.

As long as the system is serviced and desludged in accordance with our recommendations and the basic operating procedures are adhered to, the discharge should never fail to meet the consent standard.

How do I apply for a consent to discharge?

To apply for a consent to discharge it is advisable to contact your local Environment Agency office, who will give you an indication as to what level of treatment is required. This will also assist you in deciding which treatment system is suitable.

You will then be required to complete a ‘Consent to Discharge Application Form’ and pay an application fee. Completion of an application form and payment of fee does not constitute permission to discharge.

The paperwork is quite straight forward and we are more than happy to help with the technical information required.  If the Environment Agency decides a formal application is not required, we would always recommend obtaining a letter of confirmation from them to be retained for your records.

How long would the installation take?

This depends on the work required at each site. Including installation and commissioning, anything from 1 week for a small domestic installation to in excess of 2 months for a larger system serving a population equivalent of several hundred.

Is it supposed to run all the time?

Yes.  A recycle continuously circulates liquid through the system to prevent it from going septic.

Are the blowers supposed to be on continually?

Yes. (See above explanation)

My tank is full – what do I do?

Sewage treatment systems are designed to operate full and normally take 2 days to fill from empty.

If you think that your system is becoming blocked then contact us immediately.  We would remind users of the basic operating procedures which outline the do’s and don’ts of using a sewage treatment system.

Will the system be noisy?

The system will be no noisier than a domestic fridge – the blower housing can be insulated as required.

Does it smell?

All sewage smells; however soil vent stacks are designed to allow foul odours to dissipate at a level where they will not cause a nuisance.