Water Supply Boreholes

During 2006 there was a hosepipe ban and in some areas, a drought order; implemented because our reservoirs and rivers were drying up.

At the same time, ground-water levels beneath London were rising and threatening to flood the underground. Thames Water were pumping millions of gallons of water from beneath London into the River Thames every day to keep the rising water levels down.

These two facts appear to contradict each other, however it should be remembered that many of our public water supply boreholes in the south east are situated along chalk river valleys. During a drought, the rivers are not fed as usual and neither are the reservoirs. Pumping from the public water supply boreholes is therefore increased and this adds to the plight of our rivers by reducing the groundwater levels.

Hosepipe bans are designed to reduce the demand on our water resources to prevent our rivers and reservoirs from drying up. Another way of reducing the demand on our public water supply boreholes is for individuals to abstract water from beneath their own site. The total amount of water used will not increase but the demand on the public water supplies could be greatly reduced.

There are various reasons people are prepared to spend their own money in abstracting water from their own site. Maybe they have a commercial enterprise that would suffer from a hosepipe ban – a fish farm or a horticultural nursery; or maybe they have spent several years nurturing their garden and are not prepared to see the fruits of their labour wither and die. Whatever the reason, we can help.

Provided the hydro-geology at the site is suitable, we can drill into the aquifer and abstract up to 20 cubic metres of water per day without the need for an abstraction licence. We have constructed water supply boreholes for various clients, both domestic and commercial,  including water companies,  large farm estates, golf clubs, garden centres, fish farms, car washes, public houses and many more.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for a water supply borehole please contact us.