Soulbury – STS


This site comprises of 2 separate sewage treatment systems. Initially a system designed to cope with the waste produced by 9 people was installed along side a septic tank. An annual servicing contract was in place for both systems.

In August 2014, we were asked to quote for the addition of an HD-SM biological filter to the existing septic tank. Work began and was completed in September 2014.

We designed and installed a bespoke HD-SM biological filter with capacity to treat domestic sewage from a population equivalent  of up to 8 persons. Connections were made to the existing septic tank and land drainage pipework and an electrical supply was taken from the adjacent existing HD-SM sewage treatment system.

The client was offered a reduced rate servicing contract on the proviso that we could service both systems together to reduce travel and labour costs. We have annual service contracts for both systems.