Chenies – STS

Between September 2012 and January 2013 we installed several sewage treatment systems for separate properties at a single site.




313Property 1: This tank was finished half in and half out of the ground at the request of the customer and to enable the existing pipework from the house to be connected to the tank.  A brick surround was constructed and patio slabs placed on top to finish flush with the existing patio. Access to the tank is via a manhole cover placed within the patio.


Property 2: Inspection chambers are accessed via manhole covers.  The blowers which aerate the system are housed within a beehive which provides protection from the elements, as well as disguising the equipment.



Property 3: The tank and blowers were installed in a wooded area away from the house. This means that the installation is completely hidden from view and all that is visible in the woods is a manhole cover and the beehive which contains the aeration equipment.


Property 4: .The tank was installed below ground to the side of the property. Access and aeration equipment is situated alongside the property in a seculded corner.